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About Us

About Us

Leaders to Legends Family

Our Mission

Leaders to Legends Academy is dedicated to supporting families in private or homeschool settings, committing to educate, equip, and empower one family at a time. Our self-sustaining learning community serves as a beacon, designed to inspire and replicate thriving

educational ecosystems. Placing youth at the core of our tailored educational plans, we embrace the adage, "it takes a village," recognizing that our collaborative efforts are the essential fruit for the success of every family connected to Leaders to Legends Academy LLC. We are not just shaping minds; we are cultivating empowered families and leaders for a

brighter tomorrow.

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Our Focuses

Individualized Support: Personalized support to families engaged in private or homeschool education, focusing on educating, equipping, and empowering one family at a time.

Community Building: The academy has established a self-sustaining learning community with the explicit goal of not only supporting its own members but also serving as a model for the development of similar self-sustaining communities elsewhere.

Youth-Centric Education: A student-centered approach tailors educational plans to meet the unique needs and aspirations of young learners. Leaders to Legends Academy also champions the idea that successful education is a collaborative effort, embodying the belief that “it takes a village” to ensure the success of all connected families.

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Let’s Work Together

1423 Ogden St, Omaha NE 68110   

Tel: (531) 210-5807

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